Alwar, a Rajasthani city rich in architecture and heritage, was once the seat of the Rajputs and to date preserves the splendour of their glorious past. Also known as the ‘Gateway to Rajasthan’ it is only 160km from Delhi. A trip here is a must if you wish to gauge the history, culture and essence of Rajasthan.

Start with the City Palace, built in the year 1873, in a lovely Mughal and Rajput style of architecture. The structure is home to 15 imposing towers that are all bedecked with murals and stunning mirror work. The palace has been converted into a museum; take some time in hand to go through the royal memorabilia here.

Among the forts here, Alwar Fort, Bala Quila and Bhangarh Fort deserve a visit. While Bala Quila is a scenic fort on top of a hill in the Aravalli Range and promises amazing views of the city of Alwar, Bhangarh Fort is situated in close proximity to the city of Alwar and is mostly in ruins.

A visit to Sariska Tiger Reserve is also recommended; it’s an ecologically rich park with stunning diversity of fauna. This park boasts of having the fastest growing tiger population in the country. Apart from the Bengal tiger, this park is home to peacock, leopard, white-throated kingfisher, boars, antelope and a wide range of other wildlife. Don’t miss out on a jeep safari here for an immersive experience amidst wildlife.

If time permits, also visit the 19th-century Siliserh Lake, one of the most beautiful artificial lakes in Rajasthan. You can enjoy a picnic here or go boating, fishing and sailing. The most striking feature of the lake however, is the Siliserh Palace, situated right at its centre.

Last but not the least, a trip to Alwar is incomplete without having visited Jagannath Temple; most famous for its Rath Yatra festival. The temple is dedicated to Lord Jagannath, and has awe-inspiring medieval architecture and rare floral motifs adorning its gigantic pillars.

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