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William Dalrymple and his wife Olivia with ‘Harish was a terrific institution of dance in himself’ I knew the human being Harish as well as the star performer . He was a terrific artiste on stage and captured everyone’s attention with his moves and rhythm. Whenever he appeared on stage, he brought life, energy, positivity and joy with him. He was a terrific institution of dance in himself. And everyone just lit up seeing him on stage. He was a staple of our music stage during the musical nights of JLF. I knew him much before JLF.

I feel it’s a huge loss. When I first meet him in 2004, he was in his get-up and we spoke for almost 20 minutes. Soon after the performance, when he came to say bye, I could not recognise that he was the same dancer. The charm as a dancer was incomparable that he brought on stage with his performance.– William Dalrymple, author and historian with Kutle Khan‘Harish helped Rajasthani art travel beyond boundaries’ He might not belong to our community of traditional musicians, lekin sangeet usme bahut andar tak samaya tha. I remember when we both were kids and would go to nearby hotels and resorts and perform in groups.